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Vijay Parmar

  Vijay Parmar, Post Graduate Vijayparmar.iimc@gmail.com

Professor Vijay Parmar has varied interests and diverse experience in media and education. He began his career in journalism and media research. Worked in cultural institutions for a decade and a half and later moved into media education in 1995 as Professor of Oral and Visual Communication in IIMC.

 In his long tenure as an academician he has designed and directed several programmes on Visual Communication, Visual Journalism, Photojournalism, Digital Communication, Aesthetics of New Media, Publishing, Folk Media, and Creativity. Headed flagship programmes of IIMC including courses for Indian Information Service, Officers of Armed and Paramilitary Forces and various Diploma Courses.

 Presently Prof. Parmar is the senior most and longest serving professor of IIMC. He is Dean (Academics), HOD, Short and Specialised Courses & Training, and the Editor of the most prestigious journal “Communicator”.

 Prof. Parmar has a keen interest in social, cultural and creative issues involving the media. He has done extensive research and documentation in the field of folk media and has explored the means and tools for their integrated use in contemporary communication strategies. He has authored several research papers and books on developing communication skills.

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