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Gita Bamezai

Gita Bamezai, Ph.D gitabamezai@gmail.com

Prof. Dr. Gita Bamezai is currently the Professor and Head of the Communication Research Department at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India. Prof. Dr. Bamezai conducts national level research projects on behalf of the central government and various ministries on communication and media for development. Prof. Dr. Bamezai has a long teaching and research experience of 35 years in the area of communication and media research.

Prof. Dr. Bamezai worked with the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, a Think Tank of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI for over two decades. She was the Lead Consultant with National AIDS Control Programme of India.

Currently she is the Chairperson of the Advisory Group on Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization of the TB Control Programme (RNTCP) in India. She has been conducting in-service training programmes and education in Development and Health Communication.

Prof. Dr. Bamezai has had training in Participatory Learning for Action, a participatory tool for engaging communities and mobilising social action for development. She has presented papers at different conferences in India and abroad on development communication and media. Prof. Dr. Bamezai was involved in designing and implementing media advocacy programme with the objective of building consensus on salient issues of population stabilization, Reproductive Health and HIV-AIDS and promoting public opinion on elimination of such practices like sex determination and violence against women.

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