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Sunetra Sen Narayan

Sunetra Sen Narayan, Ph.D sunetran@gmail.com

Sunetra Sen Narayan is Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Mass Communications, where she is currently Head of the Department of Publications.  She has served as Head of the Diploma Course in Development Journalism from January 2004 to July 2013. She teaches courses in Development Journalism, International Communications and Telecommunications and Development.

Among other works, she is the author of Globalization and Television: A Study of the Indian Experience 1990-2010. December (2013).  Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India. Her work has also appeared in a number of scholarly journals and reference works including Transportation and Communication, Chapter in Globalization, Encyclopedia of Trade Labor, and Politics, (edited by Ashish Vaidya), 2006, Santa Barbara, CA., Journalism and Mass Communications Quarterly, The Asian Journal and Communicator.  

Dr. Narayan is the Editor of the peer-reviewed scholarly journal Communicator,( ISSN: 0588-8093), which is the oldest communications related journal published from India.. She has served as the Editor of Communicator from June 2008 onwards. 

While at IIMC Dr. Narayan has conducted several international training workshops for journalists with partners such as the BBC World Service Trust, Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, American Cancer Society and others at New Delhi and the Sri Lanka College of Journalism at Colombo, Sri Lanka.      

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