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About The Journal

ISSN :0588-8093


Chief Editor: Anupama Bhatnagar

Editor: Prof. (Dr.) Virender Kumar Bharti
Associate Editor: Dr. Pawan Koundal (Associate Professor)

Launched in 1965, Communicator is a peer reviewed journal of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) that publishes original research on Communications. The flagship journal of the IIMC endeavours to publish the best literature available in the field of communications and its related branches for the greater benefit of scholars, practitioners and policy-makers. It is the oldest communications journal published from India. The Communicator also has a book review section. In order to maintain its high standard of scholarship, Communicator follows a rigorous procedure of blind peer review. The main aim of Communicator Journal is to focus on communication theory, research, policy and practice. It is especially interested in research which is interdisciplinary and based on the experience of South Asia and other developing countries. This UGC-CARE listed Journal is published on quarterly basis. ‘Communicator’ journal is now being indexed in the Indian Citation Index.

The Communicator Journal includes the following category of papers for publications:

•     Original Research Papers: Papers in maximum 4000 words (excluding abstract, keywords, all references, tables, figures. appendices and endnotes) typed in double space, in Times New Roman 12-point font can be submitted for publication. The papers should present a connected picture of the investigation and should not be split into parts.

•     Short Research Communication not more than 2000 words (about 4-5 pages, typed in double space), which deals with (a) research results which are completed but do not warrant comprehensive treatment, and (b) descriptions of new material or improved techniques, with supporting data. Such notes require no headed sections. Summary (not more than 80-100 words) is to be provided at the end of the text.

•     Critical Research review: These review articles besides containing introduction, exclusive review of literature, must point out lacunae in research carried out so far and suggesting possible lines for future work.

•     Book Reviews: Communicator also has a book review section. Reviews of books published on journalism and mass communication and related subjects can be submitted (Word limit: 1500) for publication. However, reviews of books published on other nomenclatures such as social sciences and humanities, social work, anthropology, art, etc. can also be sent if their title is related to media study or at least 40 percent of their content is related to media, mass media or journalism or related subject. Book reviews should be sent along with their complete details such as publisher, year, price, page number etc.

Contributors are requested to ensure that the research papers or notes submitted for publications have a direct bearing on Journalism and Mass Communication.


Communicator focuses on communication theory, research, policy and practice.  It is especially interested in research which is interdisciplinary and based on the experience of South Asia and other developing countries.


Communicator is published four times a year: January-March, April-June, July-September and October –December.