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Audio Studio

The Institute is equipped with the requisite facilities for radio news-gathering: professional tape and digital recorders, microphones and other accessories. The sound studio has reasonably comprehensive facilities:

I. YAMAHA 03D full track console recorder.
II. Sony 8 channel Audio Mixer MXP-290 for standby recording.
III. A six channel On-Air console with specialization facilities.
IV. Portable Sony IC recorders that record directly into MP3 and WAV Sound formats.
V. Shure Microphones SM 58.
VI. Adobe Audition Software units with Editing and Recording facilities for programme production.
VII. Multitrack TASCAM containing a minidisk player, CD player, cassette player for transmission
VIII. Specialised Broadcast Equipment.

For radio transmissions, the Institute has separate sound recording, FM and voice-over Studios, which are also utilized for imparting training in radio technology.