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Facilities in IIMC, Kottayam                                                                                 


Library: The campus has a fully functional mass communication library with a collection of many titles of Malayalam as well as English books on different aspects of mass communication and media. The library subscribes to various Newspapers and Magazines in English and Malayalam. To facilitate online reading and reference, internet access is also provided to students through computer terminals installed in the library.


Every student will have to make a library security deposit of Rs. 5,000 which will be refunded at the end of the course once the student produces a No-Due Certificate issued by the Librarian. If a library book is lost, it has to be replaced or its price, paid. If the Library refund is not claimed within three years from the completion of the course, the security deposit shall be forfeited. A student can borrow two books at a time and keep them for one week.


Publications: IIMC Kottayam has published an academic text-book on Malayalam Journalism, Marunna Madhyamangal, Maratha Moolyangal, a collection of essays on various facets of media by eminent journalists and experts. In addition, two monographs have been published recently -  Malayalam Television: Genesis & Evolution and Media & Society. More books on Media are in the pipeline. Participation of students in the production of these books is also ensured so as to provide hands-on experience in editing, proof-reading, and publishing.

Auditorium: IIMC Kottayam has a fully air-conditioned auditorium with 100 plus seating capacity.


Smart Class Room: All the classrooms are air-conditioned and digitally enabled with electronic projections, internet and other communication accessories. The Kottayam campus has a collection of state-of-the-art equipment for video shooting and audio recording including Tele Prompter, Digital Cameras, Sound Recorders, Camcorders and Edit Suites.


Radio/TV Studio: Setting up of a full-fledged studio for Radio and Television is in pipeline. Most of the necessary equipment such as Computers, Digital Video Cameras with Tri-Pods, DSLR Cameras, Sound Recorders, Tele Prompter, Edit Suites and other facilities are available. The institute arranges visits to various TV and Radio Studios also. 


Computer Lab: A fully air-conditioned computer lab with 25 plus workstations and wired internet connectivity is available in the Academic Block. The Lab has provisions for attending online classes.


Community Radio Station: A CRS is being set up in the campus which is expected to be launched soon. The civil works of the station are complete and the allocation of frequency is awaited.


Hostel: A new and fully furnished hostel with twin accommodation per room is available for boys and girls. The hostel can accommodate most of the students, at present. However, there is no guarantee that all the students securing admissions can get accommodated in the hostel. Students who cannot secure admission in the campus hostel can get accommodation in nearby private hostels. The Co-operative Hostel Mess is managed by the Mess Management Committee comprising the students who are staying in the hostel.


Fitness and Recreation: An open gymnasium has been set up within the hostel premise with necessary equipment to keep the students healthy and fit. Indoor games are also available at the hostel for recreation. Outdoor facilities such as Badminton Court and a trekking track are available.


Free Wi-Fi: The campus provides free Wi-Fi for students both in the academic block as well as the hostel block.